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Beach Day in a Boot

Even though I am stuck in a boot we took a day trip to Devil’s Lake state park. On our way we decided to take the Merrimac Ferry. Taylor loved it (as usual), but Shiva was not quite as sure. She watched the water as if it couldnt be trusted the whole way across.

Blue streak in Tay’s hair thanks to Mary at Salon Envie in Wausau, Wi.


After we found a parking spot on the North side of the lake we enjoyed a picnic lunch and took a walk down to the boat landing. The landing was flooded and half of the landing parking lot for boat trailers was submerged.

We joined the other pet owners in turning the parking lot into a mini dog beach. Taylor and Nick enjoyed the water on a hot, but cloudy day. Shiva was happy to have her paws in, but did not seem to enjoy being deep enough for her belly to touch. I stayed on the shore in my walking boot and took some fancy cell phone photos. It was very cute and sweet how Shiva kept coming back to me to check in and make sure I was doing alright.

We then migrated to the South side of the lake where some friends were going to be with their dog. When we arrived they could not be reached due to bad reception. So we hunkered down and let Tay and Nick enjoy the water. It turned out good that we couldn’t reach Julie and Joe right away because we ended up running into some of our friends whom we didn’t know would be there. It was great to catch up with Todd and Elizabeth for a bit.

After a while Nick found the group we were suppose to meet up with. We switched locations and I propped my boot out and read a book with my guard dog. Shiva did really well at relaxing next to me and not seeking out or barking at every dog. Although she did let an older gentleman in a red speedo approach me, talk to me and kiss my hand … I’ll have to talk to her about that!


Taylor saw her cousins and got to float on a giant parrot between digging in the sand and swimming to cool off. It is so nice that this park is so close to our house.

Once I had hit my pain and heat tolerance for the day we decided to head home. On the way out of the park Tay begged daddy to let her / help her climb a bunch of rocks. So I dropped them off and waited in the air-conditioned car on my butt with the pooch.

Nick took these pictures to show me their mini adventure! Tay loved ‘rock climbing’ and getting up high. She also eats up any one-on-one time with my fabulous husband.

20170722_181531_HDRThe ferry ride home was more subdued with bellies full of ice cream and bodies tired from a day in the sun. I stayed in the car on the ferry ride home.

Sometimes I feel guilty about that – sitting out. I am a “Yes” person and not joining people I care about in activities is not something I am good at, but TM is making me learn where my limit is – slowly but surely.