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I am officially an Amputee

So it happened. It's official. I had below knee amputation surgery on my left leg yesterday (Wednesday February 26th, 2020). I am now 24 hours out from surgery and doing pretty darn good. I'm actually doing better than expected. So sit back and hang tight while I lay out what all happened this week. If… Continue reading I am officially an Amputee

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Bundle of Nerves

Stress is so powerful. Almost as powerful as fear. It is something that has guided and controlled a large part of my life for many years. It has made me function on overdrive to relieve it. It has made me not function due to the weight of it. Stress affects many people in different ways.… Continue reading Bundle of Nerves


Punctuality Pet Peeves

Punctuality is important - IMPORTANT! It is a sign of respect. It shows others that you value their time. It is something that I don't think a lot of people recognize as being more than "on time." I cannot stand when people make me wait for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Tardiness is not… Continue reading Punctuality Pet Peeves

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Flight time emotions…

Here are my emotions expressed through emoticons for my flight tonight. The night's not over and I'm struggling to hold on to the little bit of sanity I have left... On time 😁 Delayed 15 minutes πŸ˜• Delayed 30 minutes 😐 Delayed 1 hour πŸ˜’ Delayed 1.5 hours 😦 No aircraft 😩 New aircraft πŸ™„… Continue reading Flight time emotions…