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All the clouds

So July 3rd Nick & I had a much anticipated date night. We were off to watch Cherry Pie, an 80’s cover rock band. Honestly it had been a good couple months since we took time out from our every day lives to have a night out together (kid-free).

Well let’s jus say our night didn’t go as planned. Shortly after arriving at the park and entering the beer tent it was announced that the per concert music was being turned off due to lightning in the area. Since my legs are wobbly at the end of the day we ventured to a picnic table to wait. After we sat down we noticed a line of people along the edge of the fence staring at the sky and taking pictures.

We followed their gaze and WOW! It was a sight to behold. Crazy ominous clouds covered the sky as far as we could see. These clouds were reminiscent of cool whip or shaving cream. It was unreal how incredible they looked. Based on the sky and the incoming storm we opted to head home and have a movie night on the couch. Nor what we planned, but snuggles are always wonderful with someone you love.