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Engagement Session

Last weekend I shot my first engagement session. This was very exciting and nerve wrecking all at once. It was  37 degrees out, windy and very cloudy. This produced quite a few challenges for me to overcome.

  • Cold: not great weather to be outside in, a challenge to keep them warm and happy, red and runny noses, and increased nerve pain for me
  • Windy: makes hair appear a little less kept, runny noses, and balance issues for me
  • Cloudy: little natural light, higher iso, darker images without an off-camera flash

Overall I think the shoot went well. I am frustrated at my ability to direct people into poses. This will come with practice, however I realized my lack of experience during this shoot. The couple ended up posing how they wanted and were comfortable and happy. This is important for me to remember even though I would have liked different placement or adjustments.

I am so grateful that my friends gave me the opportunity to continue to build on my skill set. They are very happy with the pictures, however all I can seem to focus on is what I would like to do different next time.

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