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Livin’ in Color

My wonderful almost 9-year-old has A LOT of personality. She shows it through stories, art and dance. This year she has been wanting to show it through her hair. Earlier in the Spring she got one streak of a blue-ish teal and LOVED it. Pictured below.


So when she asked to have rainbow hair we talked about some things with it:

  1. She would need a special shampoo and conditioner to keep it vibrant longer.
  2. It would not be her whole head because I did not want the chemicals right on her scalp.
  3. This is a once every year or so special occasion.
  4. It would take a long time in the salon.
  5. She would have to sit still and be a really good listener.

After the decision was made we set the appointment for September because we did not want the color to wash out and fade with all the swimming and activities over the Summer.  We used Google and Pinterest to narrow down a style. Then we talked to my fabulous sista (technically step-sister, but that is just semantics) and set a date.

So after much anticipation the weekend of unicorns finally arrived. We drove to Wausau and harassed my folks and their kitty with our pooch for the weekend. On the day of reckoning we loaded up on coffee and food prepared to gossip and beautify our lives with color. I grabbed my camera to document almost every moment of her big day.


All I can think when I look at some of these pictures is wow – she is looking so grown up! All the foils and the cape…my heart just melts and breaks all at the same time. Here is a barrage of pictures to feast your eyes on my little darling.

While she waited for the lightener to do its magic she enjoyed looking at Good Housekeeping and drooling over the recipes. I just love all her expressions. Ever since she was little she has displayed a wide variety of thoughts and emotions without trying.


Taylor relaxed into the glorious head massage (my favorite part of getting my hair done). When she saw her blonde ends she had a moment of oooo, maybe I want to stay blonde. We talked and agreed that at some point, in a couple of years she could go blonde if she wanted.

Mary carefully custom mixed each color to paint and decorate her hair with. They are so vibrant and beautiful. We are so lucky to know someone who is unbelievably talented. Mary is one of the best beauticians I know. If you are ever going to be in the Wausau area, plan ahead and schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!

I literally watched with longing and envy as mini-me was immersed in beautiful hues of the rainbow. I will be getting fun colors in my hair later this Fall – it can’t come soon enough!

She even relaxed under the dryer like a pro. The blow dryer is something that is rarely used at our house and apparently it tickled. So of course I could not resist getting a picture of that cute expression!

When the galaxy colors were dried and brushed we all fawned over her. Mary is so incredibly talented. It could not have turned out more perfect. Taylor is so happy and living the dream. She keeps telling me “Thank you for letting me do this! I love my hair!”


The day after her new do she had Nutcracker auditions so we had to through her hair up into a bun. The swirls of color are breathtaking. I attached a cell phone picture below because I was distracted and we needed to get on the road.

Here are a couple more from dance today! I was going to wait to post this until after I curled her hair, but alas I am impatient so here you go!

Words from an almost nine-year old about her experience:

  • I wanted to look at my progress and it was hard to wait.
  • The tinfoil made it hard to hold my head up and it felt like my head was lopsided.
  • Once my hair was lightened I kinda wanted to keep it like that for a while.
  • The cape was so hot!
  • Some parts went faster than the others – the dryer took forever.
  • It was a lot of waiting and patience, but I knew I could do it.
  • When it was done it was totally worth it! 

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