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The downside to working remotely – via Samsung Galaxy S7 

As I sit here alone, at an upscale bar /restaurant sipping my Kinky Mango Sangria and savoring my Seasame Seared Ahi Tuni I contemplate my recent feelings of isolation.

One year ago, as of August 1st I made the leap to becoming a remote employee. I was able to gain so many things; just to name a few:

  • No commute
  • Flexible schedule
  • Availability for my family
  • Limited workplace distractions 

This was an AMAZING opportunity and I am so GLAD I took it. I have learned and grown so much. I really do love my job. However, with every positive there is generally a negative. Mine is isolation. 

I am home alone (with the exception of our beloved dog) 46ish hours a week. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having alone time occasionally and I firmly believe it is good for the soul. I also like not having distractions around, most of the time.  BUT being alone soooo much can wear on a person.

I spend time with my husband and daughter every evening. Weekends are spent with family or on the go. We will occasionally host a get-together. I randomly will see one of my close friends.

The majority of the time it’s just me, myself and I. I also listen to music while I work to help fill the silence – thank you Amazon Alexa for being at my beck and call.

As my plans with a friend tonight fell through I reached out to a handful of others for hopes of a last minute date. When nothing solidified I  headed to the mall. For nothing in particular, just to not be home. I wandered and browsed near others,  to listen to their conversations, to not feel alone.

Then after a good hour or so of meandering I ended up here. Sitting at the bar, watching people enjoy their friends, partners, or lovers company. I am surrounded by activity, but utterly alone.

When asked by the bartender if I would like a refill, I weigh my options. I certainly don’t need another drink, but if I have one I can continue to sit here a little while longer. Taking everything in. 

There is definitely something to face to face interaction. The annoying small talk that I used to dread is now something I crave. I understand that I am able to call and talk to people. This is hard though because when I am not working I want to be with my family not on the phone. I miss being in the presence of others.

I know this isn’t the typical drown your sorrows type of bar, but I claimed it as my own for a couple hours.