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When I became an adult…

Over the last 31 years I have experienced many moments where I have Officially became an adult. Here is a list of these pivotal moments:

  • Turing 16 – I knew everything and could drive
  • Turning 18 – I really knew everything and could vote and get a tattoo
  • Graduating high school – I was entering the ‘real world’ lol
  • My first apartment – Living on my own, not in a dorm
  • Turning 21 – I could order drinks legally
  • Graduating college – I had a degree so I must know everything now…
  • Becoming a parent – I had someone to bestow all my wisdom upon
  • Buying a car – This is what grown-ups do right?
  • Turning 30 – Landmark age of becoming ‘over the hill’
  • Getting married – Nick and I committing ourselves to each other in front of our friends and family
  • Buying a house – So many signatures…signed my life away
  • A career – A sense of accomplishment

Each time I felt like I was Finally there. I had arrived at adulthood. After confessing this to my dad he informed me that I wasn’t there yet and that he himself was still working on getting there too! That man can sure make me smile.

Thinking about this reminds me of commercial / slogan “Mommy wow! I’m a big kid now!

What made you feel like a grown up? Do we ever really Grow Up?

Below are a few pictures of these milestones!

High school graduation and my 18th birthday in New York

 My 21st birthday in Minneapolis and college graduation

My daughter and our wedding


My thirtieth birthday

DSC_3986 2x3 2

My professional headshot


6 thoughts on “When I became an adult…

  1. Pretty sure I’ve had those same thoughts at those milestones too… shy of becoming a parent and signing for a house. My “I’m an adult now” is Yardwork and house projects… With a beer in hand 😉

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  2. One thing for sure sure..
    you kept your beautiful smile..
    And is as stunningly gorgeous as ever…,

    We all go through these milestones.. but it’s our attitude that makes us all treat it and sees it differently …

    You are accomplished all these milestones without a itch..
    you have done well..
    you are on to bigger and better things.. keep on your journey.. life’s journey never ends.. unless you stop 🛑

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