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Orange Barrels

Construction, dreaded construction. Hypnotizing orange barrels. Rows and rows of repeating images that stretch for miles.


For many of us, when we see the lines of orange barrels along the side of the road take a deep breath or sigh with frustration for what is to come. We focus on the delay, reduced speed limits or traffic jam instead of the new and improved road we will have the luxury of using once the construction is complete.

I will admit, I also groan when I enter a construction zone. I hate the stop and go pace and the drivers who fly through only to slam on their brakes when they catch up to the car in front of them. I worry about distracted drivers and not having a shoulder to avoid idiots who don’t pay attention.


When I had my learners permit and graduated drivers license I had many fun experiences with my dad. They range from him telling me to “stay between the lines, the lines are my friends” to him reminding me to slow down before turns so I didn’t roll our Caravan or put it in a ditch. When we took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park I had white knuckles from having to drive 75 mph! Every time I would slow down to a speed that I was comfortable with my father would remind me to “giddy up.” At the time I thought for sure we would die if I went the speed he wanted me to. Yet, as you can see I am alive and kicking.

One of my fondest memories is driving on some highway or interstate with construction that lasted a good 15 to 20 miles. He popped in a Bob and Tom cd and played a song called Orange Barrels. This song is incredibly entertaining and catchy. It is the type of song that can get stuck in your head on repeat. Here is the chorus and one of my favorite verses:

Orange barrels orange barrels every where I see,
orange barrels orange barrels why can’t I be free,
look at larry darryl and darryl standing next to the orange barrel,
in there orange vest apparel looking back at me,

They stand in there stink and sweat,
I haven’t seen them working yet,
they have to pee in a port-a-let,
and there butt crack smiles at me,

Because of this memory and song whenever I drive through a construction zone I hear the Orange Barrels song. I causes me to hum, tap my fingers, sometimes my toes and a smile to creep onto my face as I think of my dad. I now sing it or play it for my daughter during construction zones. It is fun to share those memories with her.

If you are interested in the song I have included it below! Take a listen!

Happy humming 🙂

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