Taylor’s Voice

This page will be devoted to my daughter’s: stories, thoughts, poems, reviews and experiences. Everything will be told in her voice without direction from me. As a budding adolescent who would like to express herself and spread her wings I am allowing her some freedom to put herself out into the world (in moderation and with supervision). As I am sure you have gathered from my fun filled parenting dilemmas, rants and posts I am not about to let her run rampant online. I figure that is will be a safe platform for her to use. This spunky kid has many fun stories and insights which I think you will enjoy. I am also hoping that this experience will help her work through many thoughts and feelings as it did with me and provide some sort of cathartic relief. If nothing else I look forward to the opportunity to bonding and discussing her work.

She was born in November 2008 and has not stopped singing, taking and spinning stories ever since! I am going to try and add more of her work since I have been slacking! Her ideas, creativity and humor tend to impress those who take a moment to indulge her and lend an ear. Proud momma here watching my offspring grow!

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