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Generation Z

There are many positives to the advances in technology. However, there are some experiences that I am sad my daughter will miss out on. I am sure many parents have felt this way with their children as well with each new generation. Here is my list: Memorizing phone numbers (more than just their own) Talking… Continue reading Generation Z

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Beach Day in a Boot

Even though I am stuck in a boot we took a day trip to Devil's Lake state park. On our way we decided to take the Merrimac Ferry. Taylor loved it (as usual), but Shiva was not quite as sure. She watched the water as if it couldnt be trusted the whole way across. Blue… Continue reading Beach Day in a Boot

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Frustrated, but learning…

I have been working this year on photographing people. My friends and family are kind enough to let me give it a whirl. I am not sure if this will ever be a profession, but I love giving them this gift. About a week ago I did my first maternity / family portrait session. We… Continue reading Frustrated, but learning…

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Freedom to Grow

Society is telling us to keep our children within arms length to protect them. Yet by doing this we are not allowing them to gain confidence and independence or learn how to problem solve. With the news focusing on every incident it appears that abductions are happening every time a child walks out their front door.