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You feel as light as air, as free as the waves. A bird flies past, its feathers barely touching your arm. A plane flies above your head, people are watching from down below. As the wind blows you to the city, you feel heavy, though the view is spectacular. You begin to cry, not of… Continue reading Clouds

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College for All!!!

Written by Taylor age 9  Are you a college director or did you go to college? Well then you know it's a lot of money! It should be less!!! I know you might be thinking you'd get no money, but you will!. The taxes will pay fo the money you need! Here's more reasons why… Continue reading College for All!!!

Children · Taylor's Voice

Taylor’s Voice

This page will be devoted to my daughter's: stories, thoughts, poems, reviews and experiences. Everything will be told in her voice without direction from me. As a budding adolescent who would like to express herself and spread her wings I am allowing her some freedom to put herself out into the world (in moderation and… Continue reading Taylor’s Voice