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Tiny Dancer

Taylor always looks so different all dolled up. At 10 years old she doesn't get to wear makeup except for very special occasions and even then it is limited to lipgloss and maybe eyeshadow. After her picture session, for her ballet recital last week, I decided to take a few snaps of her in the… Continue reading Tiny Dancer

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Badger Youth Camp 2018

In July Taylor attended her first overnight camp without a family member being a chaperone. She was surrounded by children, away from home and was determined to cause trouble. This is something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I dreamed of meeting my twin just like in the original Parent Trap… Continue reading Badger Youth Camp 2018

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Getting Lippy

So I want to start by saying I am NOT affiliated with Lipsense in any way. I actually had not heard of it until two weeks ago when my friend had an online party. In case you have not heard of Lipsense it is an extremely long lasting lipstick sold by independent consultants. After I… Continue reading Getting Lippy