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The Big Bang

Remote learning assignment: Chose a topic you would like to learn more about. Do some research online. Write two paragraphs on what you learned and your thoughts about it.

It may surprise you that the big bang was not an explosion, it sure surprised me! The big bang was a sudden expansion of space. Over the first couple of seconds, the ball universe became flat. The energy soon formed neutrons and protons. From there the neutrons and protons battled. Destroying each other. Within a millisecond the battle was over, lives were lost, but an atom was formed. Then the craziness began again. The neutrons, electrons, and protons made many kinds of atoms. Most broke due to the pressure, but many remained. This took 370,000 years. This period of time is called the hot big bang. During this time, the atoms had formed clumps and the first stars were born. This whole idea was very new to me because I thought the big bang was only a minute! The process is speeding up today as we travel farther and farther into space(AKA the nothingness).

The second weird thing I learned was that the universe isn’t endless, but also doesn’t have a stopping point. It is hard for me to visualize. It also made me think about how that works, is there like an invisible wall or what? Maybe it’s a big circle. I don’t think I’ll ever know.