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College for All!!!

Written by Taylor age 9 

Are you a college director or did you go to college? Well then you know it’s a lot of money! It should be less!!! I know you might be thinking you’d get no money, but you will!. The taxes will pay fo the money you need! Here’s more reasons why college should be less!

One reason college should be less is that in Finland they have free college and they love it!!! Their cheap education helped their country, let’s see how it helps ours! Studying in Finland is fun and education! So can ours! But there’s more!!!

Another reason college should be less is because it benefits the community in all sorts of ways! Like more doctors and police officers!!! If your house was on fire more firefighters can come and save you. I know this because more people would become these things!

The final reason is someone out there could find the cure to cancer, but don’t have the money to pay for a college degree! Parents dreams of kids studying and making a difference can become a reality! Imagine what we could accomplish!

That is just some reasons why college should be less! Thank you for reading, but remember what our country could be! I say college for all and I hope you do too!

This work was for an Opinion Writing assignment at school. When Taylor read this to me my heart swelled with pride. She is such a wonderful person.

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