Taylor's Voice

First Crush

Written by Taylor H.

Emma thought that Joe was a very rude boy. He laughed at people and stuck his tongue out, but his curly red hair and freckles made him kind of cute. He really liked space and dinosaurs. She might have a crush on him, but that all changed when Joe started to tease her.

Once he threw a ball at her head! Grrr…was she mad!!! But she did not cry in front of him.

One day she sat in the park under the big oak tree. She was reading her favorite book Holes. Time flew by so fast that when she looked up it was dark. The stars twinkled brightly. When she stood up she saw Joe sitting on a bench nearby.

She slowly approached him and said “Hey, what are you doing here so late?” He replied “Oh, ummm…” He stumbled over his words and quickly stood up. “Sorry about your head” he said. “It was a dare. Do you want me to walk you home?” “Sure!” Emma replied.

By Emma’s house the two were talking like good old friends. At school the next day, she told her friend Anna “I think he really likes me!!!” and the two giggled.

The End

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